Hockey: Longfic for the Fic Deprived

I realized recently that there’s a bunch of Hockey RPF fic that’s super well written that you don’t necessarily need to know anything about hockey to enjoy, so I thought I’d make a rec list of fic for people who are uninvested but fic deprived. Mostly long AUs and self contained stuff.

I’m organizing this by trope/genre, and then sub-organizing it by pairing. If for some godforsaken reason you want to know what these people look like before or during reading fic, hit me up and I’ll do a primer full of pretty pictures here’s a Jonathan/Patrick picspam (other pairings probably coming soon ngl). Anyway, without further ado….


Realistic AUs

Highschool/College AUs

Magic/Sci-fi/etc. AUs


Fake Dating/Woke Up Married

Particularly Porny/Friends-With-Benefits (and feelings)


I’m not going to lie, this is definitely a ploy to get people invested and join the fandom. There’s a lot of other great fic that’s shorter/even more canon-y/etc. in my AO3 bookmarks if you’re interested.

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